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What is the need of an international media news?

To fulfill the needs of the Journalists around the world to share their thoughts and ideas for the betterment of the world of journalism and mass communication, especially in the field of investigative journalism.
The importance of investigative journalism cannot be understated. Investigative journalists are the watchdogs that ensure the law is carried out correctly by uncovering corruption and other revelations that can affect the way any country is governed.

Investigative journalism, Investigative journalists are research connoisseurs and master interviewers, and they know how to dig for information any where even the garbage. But there have been a series of ridiculous articles lately claiming that, with the collapse of some newspapers recently; somehow investigative reporting won’t work, meaning an era of corruption and the collapse of democracy. There is also a widespread belief among veteran journalists who fear a world without newsprint that proper journalism will die with them. No one will be around to dig and delve. No one will know how to get stories and where to seek out facts. Sources will dry up. So corrupt politicians, business fraudsters and incompetent public officials will escape scrutiny and go unpunished. The watchdogs will be silent. Power will not be held to account.

In fact, now days a number of Journalists are turning to words Glamour, political gossips and camouflage social stories, who indicates the things but unveiling nothing. Even than there are so many dynamic journalists who are working as the watch dog of society but due to commercialization of media they are not getting the proper platform to reproduce their investigations in the interest of their respective country and society. Many foreign journalists also felt that there is a lack of the news agencies and a global paradigm where news and article can be shared and taken easily for their countries for the breaking type of news and events. So the international media news will take this opportunity to get these information on its platform.
 International media news Provides coverage of print and electronic media, news,  socio-political developments and daily incidents combined with feature stories, political analysis, interviews and selected opinion and the articles, covering the human interest.

Opinion/Analysis articles can be contributed to the site by any number of contributing writers.
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